About Us

1. Introduction
2. Objectives (English)
3. Objectives (Chinese)
4. Structure
5. Directors (2016-2018)
6. Committee Chairladies (2016-2018)

1. Introduction

The Hong Kong Women Doctors Association was established in October 2006. It is formed by a group of female doctors from different specialties and vintage, who aim at promoting interests and welfare of the female medical profession. As part of the female medical profession, you are cordially invited to join the association - please visit "membership" area for further details.

2. Objectives (English)

  1. To promote the welfare and interest of women doctors in Hong Kong.
  2. To advance professionalism of women doctors in Hong Kong by way of continuous life-learning.
  3. To promote balanced lifestyle of women doctors in Hong Kong.
  4. To enhance communication and fellowship amongst women doctors in Hong Kong, mainland China and elsewhere in the world.
  5. To organize community activities to serve the underprivileged in Hong Kong, mainland China and elsewhere in the world.
  6. To foster relationship with other professionals in Hong Kong, mainland China and elsewhere in the world.
  7. To set up charitable foundation to support community service projects, scholarships and research of all sorts and otherwise.
  8. To raise awareness of current affairs among medical professionals in Hong Kong.
  9. To influence policies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government for betterment of the Hong Kong society.
  10. To promote a healthy lifestyle in the community of Hong Kong.

3. Objectives (Chinese)

  1. 為香港女醫生謀求福利。
  2. 提倡終身學習以提升香港女醫生的專業水平。
  3. 推動香港女醫生建立均衡的生活模式。
  4. 促進香港、中國內地及世界各地女醫生的溝通及友誼。
  5. 為香港、中國內地及世界各地弱勢人士組織社區服務。
  6. 加強與香港、中國內地及世界各地其他專業人士的聯繫。
  7. 設立慈善基金以支持社區服務、獎學金及相關的研究。
  8. 提升香港醫療專業人士對社會事務的關注。
  9. 關注香港特區政府政策,建立更美好的社會。
  10. 在香港社群中推動健康生活模式。

4. Structure

Our Board of Directors are a group of female doctors from the following specialties, from both the private and public sectors of the Health Care System:

  • Community Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Geriatrics –Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry - Surgery

5. Directors 2016-2018

Dr. Cissy YU 余詩思醫生 Founding President 創會會長
Dr. CHAN Kit Sheung 陳潔霜醫生 Ex-officio 當然委員
Dr. Cissy YU 余詩思醫生 President 會長
Dr. Carmen HO 何紫筠醫生 Vice President 副會長
Dr. Mona LAM Wai Cheung 林慧翔醫生 Vice President 副會長
Dr. Callie KO 高嘉莉醫生 Vice President 副會長
Dr. Fiona LUK 陸藹晶醫生 Vice President 副會長
Dr. Sarah CHAN So Ching 陳素貞醫生 Honorary Secretary 義務秘書
Dr. Victoria WONG Wing Yee 黃穎兒醫生 Honorary Treasurer 義務司庫
Dr. IP Wing Yuk 葉永玉醫生 Director 會董
Dr. Lorna NG 吳蓮蓮醫生 Director 會董
Dr. Jane YEUNG Chun Chun 楊珍珍醫生 Director 會董
Dr. Mandy NG Mang Ting 吳孟婷醫生 Director 會董
Dr. TSOI Wai Ki 蔡蔚杞醫生 Director 會董
Dr. Angie FONG Hon Chi 方瀚芝醫生 Director 會董

6. Committee Chairladies (2016-2018)

Dr. CHU Yip 朱曄醫生 Mainland Liaison Committee
Dr. Connie NGAI 倪建春醫生 Mainland Liaison Committee
Dr. Mandy NG Mang Ting* 吳孟婷醫生 Community Service Committee
Dr. Carmen HO* 何紫筠醫生 Current Affairs Committee
Dr. Fiona LUK* 陸藹晶醫生 Internal Affairs Committee
Dr. TSOI Wai Ki* 蔡蔚杞醫生 Internal Communication Committee
Dr. IP Wing Yuk* 葉永玉醫生 International Liaison Committee
Dr. Winnie MOK Wing Yee 莫穎儀醫生 Local Liaison Committee
Dr. Callie KO* 高嘉莉醫生 Membership Committee
Dr. Jane YEUNG Chun Chun* 楊珍珍醫生 Sports Committee
Dr. Angie FONG Hon Chi* 方瀚芝醫生 Welfare and Fellowship Committee
Dr. Sharon CHOW She Wan 鄒樞韻醫生 Youth Committee
Dr. Loraine CHOW Lok Wan 鄒樂韻醫生 Youth Committee
Dr. Irene WONG 黃舜雯醫生 Academic and Education Committee

* 同時擔任會董身份 (*also director of HKWDA)